About therapy...


  • Person-Centred Therapy - Therapy that is client led with the belief that the client is the expert of themselves.  Sessions are non-directive with the client having all the time needed to look at all aspects of themselves with the view to them reaching their full potential as a whole person.


  • Solution Focused Approach - This approach is goal orientated where the client is encouraged to look at what they want for themselves in the future and together with the therapist, explore practical ways of them reaching their goals.  The tools used can include visualisation and a number scoring system for clients to assess their mood.


  • Relaxation Therapy - Therapist uses visualisation techniques to encourage the client to mentally go to a place where they feel the most relaxed.  The positive feelings are then harnessed so that it carries on beyond the therapy room.


  • Inner Child - Through relaxation therapy the client revisits a time in there childhood and is supported by the therapist in resolving any difficult emotinonal states.

About me...

                          Musa Madden

                          Musa Madden

Whilst working in the family health department for the NHS, I realised that my client visits were becoming lengthy. Clients appreciated being listened to without judgement, and beeing with someone that was not in their circle of family or friends.  It was clear that although many people felt alone in their struggles, at the heart of it all, we all struggle at some point in our lives. 

This experience led me to become a counsellor.  I've worked with children in primary school[S] using play therapy to support their self expression, counselled in an organisation that supported clients that were caring for family members with a disability and worked clients with drugs and alcohol addiction as part of a rehabilitation program.

Although the main therapeutic approach is person - centred, I use a variety of counselling skills to support the client's needs and this can include solution focus therapy, relaxation therapy and inner child work.  I believe that everyone should have the space and time to share their pain, thoughts, feelings and confusion in a safe and confidential environment.


  • Foundation degree in Person Centred Counselling
  • Cert. in Solution Focused Therapy